Sunday, March 06, 2005

Which Tank Engine Are You?

On the Island of Sodor, the Rev. W. Awdry's engines all have distinct personalities. Like any good bureaucrat I like to find ways of classifying things - and especially people. Now we've all done Myers-Briggs, Big Five, Word Association, Enneagram and the rest so I think it's time for the "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Personality Type - for the Office Environment" As an example there is Edward. Edward is described as both kind and helpful, a perfect example of a Really Useful™ Engine (refer to the previous post!).

R is for Really Useful™

Being Really Useful™ is important if you have a Fat Controller who values being Really Useful above all else.

Being Really Useful
might mean you are good at what you do, or that you are always willing to help, it might mean that others see you as a team player, one who doesn't challenge the way things are, one who carries out instructions, as instructed, when instructed, one who doesn't debate, argue or dispute and one who tolerates workmates foibles, even if they are sometimes hurtful to others. In short, being Really Useful™ is a problem.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I is for Important

"A" is for "All aboard" and this is critical if you are a small blue tank engine with two passenger carriages. It's also important if you are the not-so-fat-controller coordinating the daily choo-choo schedule. Sometimes I wish I was three again - usually on Monday mornings when I read the emails that the boss sent me over the weekend. The biggest job my son has every day is to make sure that Thomas rescues/is rescued when the tunnel/bridge/viaduct/station/crane collapses/burns/wobbles or is run into by a ship.

Quite a task really and one that usually can consume an entire day.

I can feel a train set coming on.