Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The 5-year Itch

I seem to have a five year itch, as in, my career undergoes change like clockwork every 5 years. My last career change was 5 years ago come April, so I'm sitting at my desk with my toes tapping waiting for "the next big thing". I don't know how this came about, and it's not even really an itch, the last time it happened we were happy and comfortable and living in the Whitsundays. Holy crap, THE WHITSUNDAYS!!!, 67 tropical islands fringed by coral reefs, palm trees, sailing fishing, coffee and breakfast by the sea. And we lived there. Every day. For five years.

Next thing you know I am dragging our arses onto a plane west with everything we own just 'cause "there's this job over there that I want".

So, here we are in Perth, 5 years down the track, I have had some good opportunities and been able to make a difference but that old "what's next" feeling is there, and I've been doing the occasional job application for things that I think I'd like to try my hand at next. There is no urgency to this feeling, just a vague tugging at a subconcious level that if I were to translate would be a whisper of "hey you, shiny-bum, time to get moving". This time though I'm going to place some restrictions, lifestyle improvements - absolutely, started going to the gym already. Job change - possibly, I'll see whats out there that needs doing. Career change - unlikely unless some consulting firm sees what my ego sees and offers me obscene amounts of cash to "consult". Moving interstate again - no way, not even suburb, not even street. To brighton we came and in Brighton we shall remain.

At least for the next five years. . .


Blogger hamo said...

good to hear you'll be around for a while!

i know the itchy feet feeling tho - if I stay anywhere for 5 years its a long time!

the last job was 8 years and that was an eternity - its good to be able to make other changes to satify the need for variety

Thursday, February 24, 2005 8:15:00 am  
Blogger Vawz said...

Funny you know, I have recently been through the itch. I spent almost 10 years in one place doing 2 different jobs there. 2 years ago I did the whole depression thing, disolusioned with life...the lot. I got some coaching for it...and ending up being a coach I loved it so much. I am loving the change and even more so enjoying meeting people like yourself who also go walking through the itch. Makes me feel less of a 'kook'! Have fun, and hey, who knows I might watch your life a bit behind the wall of your blog! Welcome to blog world!

Friday, February 25, 2005 10:57:00 am  

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