Friday, February 25, 2005

It's not easy being three!

It's not easy being 30 - ish either. Today was my older son's third birthday and with all the excitement a few tears were inevitable, but on balance he had a great time. I think his only expectations for the day were presents and cake, and he got both of those, so in that respect the day was never going to be a failure.

For those of us who aren't three any more, our expectations are often more complex, and more often not met, which makes me wonder if perhaps I need to have simpler expectations of each day. Tomorrow my expectation will be lunch. I will hold out for this at all costs, I will not however place any expectations on the nature and ingredients of lunch, just the existance and consumption of lunch. I will also not place any expectations on the timing of lunch, I'll just accept it when I get it.

Of course this means that in fact it may not be lunchtime when I get lunch, which introduces a complexity, one of the very things I am trying to eliminate. Is it lunch if you eat it outside the accepted lunch temporal parameters. I've adopted a simple approach: whatever it is and whenever I eat it, if I call it lunch, then it bloody well is lunch.

This approach probably would not translate well to my work which requires a little more stability in its definitions. It would make work more fun - at least until they fired me.

As for future expectations, for Sunday I am think I can stretch to an expectation of a glass of wine, and for Monday I might look at a repetition of lunch to which I will add the complexity of being at my office. Quite daring really.


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