Wednesday, January 18, 2006

S is for Sodor

And sod, stuff or screw the lot of them. Sodor is the imaginary island on which Thomas the Tank engine exists. My 4-year old wants to go there for a visit and I have trouble explaining to him that we can’t actually go there.

A similar credibility gap seems to exist in our workplace. There is this imaginary place where everyone does exactly as some people want – including the public. In the imagination of some people I work with we are already on our way there and this is not helped by the inevitable ‘yes’ crew who don’t wish to engage in an intellectually discussion about the best way to achieve our goals. To use a space exploration analogy, it is as if we are being told to prepare for landing on the moon but no one wants to discuss the life support necessities for the crew.

In our case it is more about plans without planning and policy without consultation. Our unit recently got shifted from one portfolio to another, renamed and restructured. I can live with that – I can even applaud the logic that was given for the move. However it was recently revealed by one fellow manager that they want to commence “some kind of policy process and evaluation function” for our agency. Great I said – just the thing for the Policy and Evaluation unit (our unit – for which we have been screaming for the resources to carry out those functions for three years). Makes you wonder whether they actually even read the unit titles in all the shuffling.

Of course I can’t be held responsible for my statements at the moment – I had those teeth taken out yesterday and it is affecting my judgement.


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