Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tooth shall set you free. . .

I had a quiet weekend planned. I was going to borrow a car with a towbar and go get a load of top dresing and spread it on my lawn. But first I had to go see the dentist about a chip off one of my molars. No big problem, just a little patch job and I'd be back at it. Usually I don't even bother with the anesthetic - I figure a little brief pain is easier than the numbness.

1 Hour and two teeth later I staggered from the Dentists and sat in the car wondering if I was safe to drive. Not only did the molar have to be extracted but so did the wisdom tooth beside it. I've ended up with three stiches to boot*.

Needless to say there is not much inspiration for writing today but when not inspired write about why - I figure.

Could not have coffee yesterday or this morning but should be safe this afternoon.

*Boot - oddly apt since that is exactly the object my face appears to have come into contact with.


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