Sunday, January 08, 2006

D is Diesel

Well it's been months since I started (and posted) but what can I say - life just can't be blogged sometimes.

The Diesels are in the ascendent within the workplace and their oily machinations have led me to the realisation that ineffectiveness within the public service is in a large part caused by senior managers. Its not intentional on their part, its just that so many of them are career focussed to the point that they will discount the input of their peers because admitting that someone else's idea has merit may somehow detract from your future promotional prospects.

Others are just psychpaths and there is very little you can do about them at all - other than avoid them.

I'm relatively junior in the overall scheme, but I am also a professional who is attempting to develop a professional identity. Because I am a public servant within a police organisation it is a constant frustration to see work done by myself and by professional colleagues, seized upon by, and credited to Police Officers whose only claim to is it by their rank.

I've started being a bit more careful about how I operate in this environment and I'm now releasing papers (with my name attached) rather than just handing over whole generic files of my research and analysis. Whenever I've handed over those files in the past they have either been archived or used as the basis for someone else's promotion.

Usually when archived I get a call 6 months to a year later from some poor fool who has been tasked with doing what I have already done - and being a softy I usually just give them my stuff.

Well I've decided that a "Really Useful Engine" can be really useful without being a doormat for other people's ambitions, and in fact people need to see colleagues as professionals and the only way to do that is to show them. If that means leaving to take up a position in another organisation - well so be it. More on this in the next fortnight with any luck!


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