Monday, January 09, 2006

T is for Tired of this place

Some days you just don’t know how things are going to shape up. I feel as up I am in wind-up mode, I’ve been getting a few job interviews from other organisations and I am waiting to see in any result in an offer, but something in me feels as if I need to move out of this environment. I know that the grass is not greener but to continue the pasture analogy I think that it might be a good change to be munching that grass with a different herd.

I realise that I’ve been preparing myself unconsciously for weeks. I’ve cleaned my desk regularly, packed stuff into boxes, taken all my CD’s home, tried to finish up the annoying ‘loose end’ projects.

The shifts that have been going on in our workplace are logical, they make sense to me in terms of the work needing to be done, but the change management process (or lack thereof)and the lack of understanding of the work we are already doing – well, it doesn’t help encourage me about longer term stability and if there is going to be change I’d like it to be on my terms, or at the very least I’d like some input.


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